Kifubon: Giving Books – Promotional Materials

Below you will find a range of promotional materials for your local Kifubon project.

How might you use these materials? Here are some ideas.

  • Find a local project, for example, a community café with a small library or bookshelf.
  • Offer to place Splitting the Arrow or The Pot With the Hole with them.
  • If they are happy to do so offer them the leaflets and posters as these will help people to find out that the book is waiting to be picked up and read. Perhaps show the posters to them – they are quite stunning.
  • The bookmarks can be placed inside every book that you want to give, or several bookmarks could be left on a table or desk.
  • Or you could buy the bookmarks for your own use, or place them inside a book for a friend or relative.

We hope you like them!

p.s. go to to find out more about Kifubon and Kifubon projects in the UK.